Students and programs get matched

New formula:

Algorithm, editorial expertise and education marketing

VindEdu is the first product (online platform) in a series of future offerings for educational, scientific and continuing education institutions.

Universities, technical colleges, institutes and companies will benefit from the “matching platform” as well as students or professionals interested in Continuing Education.

Matching: VindEdu matches interests and aptitudes with the appropriate study and training programs.


New approach to matching

  • An algorithm brings together preferences (abilities, values, aptitudes, interests) of, for example, the students with the available courses of study. But we do not only trust technology.
  • Our editorial team, with its more than 30 years of experience in the fields of education, research and technology, is involved. The editorial team either rewrites, optimizes or adapts the descriptions of the study courses and the offers of the continuing education institutions to the expectations of the interested parties. The editorial team also updates the profiles of the universities and all other providers.
  • If desired, we embed the instrument VindEdu into the respective university and education marketing of the institution. In doing so, we bring in our 15 years of comprehensive experience in university, science and continuing education marketing.

VindEdu is always free of charge for students and those interested in continuing education. We offer attractive packages for educational providers.

VindEdu start page – this will be the entry point to the platform

VindEdu offers:

VindEdu – Search Results

For interested parties

Students and candidates in education and continuing education search for suitable offers using a manageable number of terms.

The terms capture their interests. The terms have been developed, among other things, with empirical knowledge from organizational development, career planning and organizational culture (for example with reference to the “personal career anchor” of Edgar Schein).

The platform users (students, people interested in continuing education) can create a profile, but they can also do a test search without registration. For them the service of VindEdu will always be free of charge.


we match smart minds

VindEdu provider page – Input of the educational programs
For suppliers

Universities and providers of education and continuing education programs set their profile and the programs and courses of study that they consider to be available for search (advertised).

VindEdu’s editorial staff takes over the complete texting, editing and continuously updates the provider profiles in consultation.

All suitable candidates appear – literally at the “morning coffee” of student marketing of a university for example – in a list (ranking of candidates by scoring). Selection and invitation can then be completed with a click.

The university’s own programs use VindEdu’s algorithm to match the preferences of interested parties. This enables a double search success: firstly, the facts of the qualification offers are compared with the wishes, inclinations and life goals of the potentially interested parties; secondly, those who do not know which concrete education, continuing education or study program might fit, receive valid suggestions.

The result is a better fit – a new kind of matching. Nobody falls through the net anymore!

VindEdu is an open platform (in English) with national, European and global orientation. VindEdu can also be integrated as a supplement on individual websites, for example of a university or university of applied sciences, and support the respective student marketing in the region. Then VindEdu operates in the appearance of the institution – but it is always connected to the central platform of Edutron (the company behind VindEdu).


we match smart minds

Special price in the pilot phase 2020/21


You can find the current BETA version here

Introduction package

200,00 €

per month, plus 16/19% VAT
24 months term

The VindEdu team takes over the editorial support of the study programs in English. This includes writing, maintenance and further development of the registered study programs and profiles of the provider.

A technical setting (iFrame) of VindEdu on the provider’s website will be set up upon request.

we match smart minds

Contact us – we will show you all the possibilities of VindEdu.
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