We connect people to knowledge.

The world of education, training, research and technology runs on knowledge.

We’re 100% there for you – no matter how ambitious the product is!

Knowledge, global industry experience and optimism are the capital of Edutron.

The world of education, training, research and technology runs on knowledge.

Giants, such as Google, Elsevier and Bloomberg, produce this new oil – which is data and information. They generate billions of dollars in revenue by refining services and products into valuable knowledge.

We at Edutron are a little smaller. But we have both feet firmly planted in the academic world. And we’re very well versed in business. In both areas, knowledge is the driving resource. Making that connection is our expertise.

Quantity was yesterday – quality is the measure of today. Which students are the right ones for a university? Which subject suits me? Are talents and career opportunities brought together? When do demand and supply in continued education coincide? What job is right for you? And which scientific result finds its way into practice – with an innovative technology concept?

At Edutron we rethink this matching – the connection of people and knowledge. We develop IT solutions for academic knowledge management.

we match smart minds

Media Management


Computer Science

University Teaching

We’re 100% there for you – no matter how ambitious the product is!

Our experience brings together 36 years of media management, 25 years of entrepreneurship, 20 years of computer science and 20 years of university teaching. And we’re keen to start something new. This treasure – knowledge, global industry experience and optimism – is the capital of Edutron.

We’re building our current networks on this: We organize IT-Meetups in Berlin, Technology Talks in New York, business circles in Washington and academic governance and management consulting in many countries. This is the source from which our customers draw – technical colleges, universities, research institutes, providers of further education and medium-sized companies.

We work according to a 3-step principle:

We understand our client’s situation: The individual starting position is determined by self-reflection and comparisons with other practical cases. This leads to a mutual – as far as possible – objective understanding of what our customer really needs.
We reduce complexity: Networking, matching and finding solutions that literally fall from the sky – or better: stream from the Internet. That’s what many like to believe. Algorithms and learning systems are the buzzwords that make it look as if everything is easy. We can’t do without those terms either. But we explain the mechanisms behind them and we’re honest about their limitations. Our mission is to deliver solutions for academic knowledge management.
We accompany the introduction: Our agility and decades of experience are your insurance. Because we all know that IT projects get into troubled waters when the initial situation is unclear or too many changes are made during the project. We guarantee that this will not happen. Our software and systems are good – but, we are honest, they are never perfect: the optimal version only emerges in everyday life through operation at the customer’s site – and we support you with the utmost commitment. We’ll make sure that your IT project will work out!

we match smart minds

People find people – and if our software products make your matching easier, then we are just happy!


VindEdu helps pupils and students to find a suitable subject, course of study or short-term study stay. VindEdu also helps colleges and universities to find and target suitable candidates.

Companies or university partners, recruitment services of universities, but also advice centers of the federal states and municipalities fulfil important functions. VindEdu complements those personal consulting concepts with knowledge management – using algorithms we improve their hit rate.

Based on a candidate’s interests, inclinations, experience and wishes an educational institution´s offers are filtered and presented. Doing so, the search for a study subject becomes more focussed. With over 220 million students worldwide, this is a powerful argument.

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SkillCareer is designed for those who want to learn more. Some years after graduation or at the crossroads of a professional career, the interest in new knowledge increases.

What do I need? Where can I find further training opportunities? How do I reach my goal? How do I complete further education?

Again – quality beats quantity! Easy-to-fill search profiles guarantee a perfect match of customer and provider: through SkillCareer.

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ScienceVista is a product that links research results or technologies with companies at a very early stage of development.

The perfect match is when innovative medium-sized companies, hidden champions or global players find exactly the research solution they need for their products or services.

ScienceVista is also suitable when matching is used to make predictions about developments in fields of technology.

(in planning)

White Label Solutions

Finally, our White Label solutions are IT products that our customers sell under their own name. Either we develop them from our (first) products as tailor-made customer solutions. Or we proceed according to our 3-step principle. In this case we develop new products demanded by our customers or we further develop existing one.

we match smart minds

There can only be one, say those on the west coast of the USA.

We tell our customers: let us think boldly and create your knowledge valley together!

Markus LemmensBas Cancrinus

Dr. Markus Lemmens

„Two things drive me: the dynamics of learning and trying out new things – then the impulse to pause and to question the chosen path in time. I would like to transfer this to systems of knowledge management.“

  • Entrepreneurial experience since 1996 (media, technology and IT)
  • Study of political science and law (MA and Dr)
  • Promotion
  • Editor, trainee, consultant
  • Managing Director, Publisher
  • Over ten years of international experience in Vienna, London and New York
  • University teaching areas Governance, Management and Marketing for education, science, research and technology as well as non-profit institutions

we match smart minds

Bas Cancrinus

„Two worlds fascinate me: digital technology and the personal transmission of my knowledge. Direct communication with people – for example at IT meetings in Berlin or Amsterdam – inspires me. My objective is to transfer that spirit to knowledge management systems.“

  • Software developer since 1998
  • Business Information Systems Specialist
  • Software development and consulting for large enterprises
  • Speaker at conferences
  • Agile coach
  • Coach and mentor in IT training
  • Self-employed since 2007
  • Investor in Berlin since 2014

we match smart minds


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